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Anthrax Super Tiger



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When we peered into the egg of the first Super Tiger Retic, and all we saw was a white snake with a black Barbed wire pattern (looking at a tail), we almost passed out!  We knew the Tiger Anthrax was intense, but we have no idea how much better it could be with the Super Tigers!  We named them Clowns, because of the way they reminded us of the Clown Ball Python, with a very light base color that turns bright lemon yellow with age, and fades to white at the tail- and an inky black pattern that appears to be melted down the sides.  These vary widely, and snakes with sharp patterns appear to have a strip of barbed wire down there backs, and ones with thicker, smoother patterns have water droplet pattern.  A snake for elite collections, and a jaw dropper in the flesh, these still have no color mutations added to them, and therefore hold a lot of potential for the future.

Clown Female (Anthrax Super Tiger)
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